The LEGO Group just released the new 10283 NASA Space Shuttle Discovery, with 2354 pieces, available from 1st April, for 179.99€ / US$199.9!

The set contains a fantastic, huge, amazingly detailed NASA Space Shuttle Discovery with a couple of great play features and a stand, if you'd like to display it!

10283 LEGO Nasa Space Shuttle Discovery (Photo: The LEGO Group)

Milan Madge, LEGO Set Designer commented “The Space Shuttle is the most complex vehicle ever made, so as you can imagine, translating this into LEGO was an exciting challenge. In the real vehicle every inch of space is used in ingenious ways. Generally, in a LEGO model we can rely on the size to accommodate the structure that holds the whole set together, but on the Discovery Space Shuttle we needed to create a smooth exterior and an interior capable of holding the payload. Add functional landing gear, and you have a real puzzle. This was without a doubt the most challenging part of this model - trying to couple the front and main landing gear without removing any space from the payload bay and without compromising the structure of the model. My favourite part of the set is the tiny blue seats that carried 5 human beings away from their home planet on a mission that allowed us to discover parts of the universe never seen before!” - Source:

10283 LEGO Nasa Space Shuttle Discovery inside details (Photo: The LEGO Group)

I really like that the LEGO designers included a lot of really cool bricks in this set, and that we'll get a couple of new elements and prints too! I'm not a huge space fan, but I have to say I really like this set, so I think I'll need to get it at some point! What about you? Will you eventually buy this set?

Lastly, a quick note: LEGO VIP members will be able to purchase an exclusive item for 1800 VIP Points: an Ulysses Space Probe, which the Space Shuttle Discovery also deployed in 1990 on a mission to scan the Sun.