The LEGO Group just revealed the latest (to be precise, the 33rd) LEGO Ideas set - the long-awaited 21325 Medieval Blacksmith! Some of you might've seen low resolution (leaked) photos of it in the last couple of weeks, and I know that some fans don't really like it, but let's see what we have here!

21325: Medieval Blacksmith

The set contains 2164 pieces, and it'll retails for 149.99 USD / 146.99 EUR. It will be available from February 1st.

If you look at this set, you can clearly see that the LEGO designers reworked pretty much every bit of the original submission, in fact this is a completely different model, but in my opinion, it was expected to be so… but, I have to say I really like this set. I'm sure that the theme, nice colors, and building techniques will sell it to the fans and I hope I'll be able to get it too. What about you?

What's in the inside?

I'm pretty sure I'll publish a review of this set at a later time, but let's have a closer look and check out the interior too! On the ground floor, you can see the blacksmith shop itself. I think the designers managed to pack some really nice details in it, but it still feels a little bit empty for me:

Blacksmith shop

On the first floor, there's an old kitchen. I really like that technique which they've used for the chairs!

Blacksmith - first floor

My favorite interior details are on the second floor. You cam see a really well-built bed, and a phenomenal looking "carpet"… hmm:

Blacksmith - second floor

We have some fantastic details on the outside too. First of all, a brand new horse I think (at least it's in a new color and it has a nice new print too), a forge, and that mind-blowing tree!

Blacksmith - fantastic tree design

What's your opinion on this set? Do you like it? Will you buy it eventually?