Oh yes, I published the first post on this website exactly one year ago, on 11th January, 2020. Whoosh! Time flies, right? Let's see what happened during 2020, and what are my plans for this year.

The content

My primary goal with this blog is to share important/interesting LEGO news, tutorials and reviews with fellow AFOLs and also to just practice writing in English. I got some great constructive feedback on my posts, and I think I managed to improve my writing skills during this past year, but of course there's still plenty of room for improvement! I'm also glad that I managed to make some set reviews, and I hope I'll be able to do more of these during 2021. There are already about 10 sets which I'd like to review this year, let's hope I'll be able to get them in time! ;) The blog is also featured on Brick Insights. I'll be honest, I wasn't expecting this, especially not in the blog's very first year.

The blog

As you might already now, I'm a software developer (or at least I'll be one day), so I decided I'll develop my own blog from scratch. It certainly wasn't perfect when I published it last year, but I also got some really great feedback on it from my follower, and I'm constantly adding new features and fixing already implemented features on it, so I'd say it became a pretty stable system during this year. I recently made a pretty big update on both the frontend and backend of it, and from now it'll work better on mobile devices, will be even waster than before, and I can also manage the content of my website more easily.

Blocked, rejected, unblocked

There were some disappointing and strange events during this first year too, but every beginning is difficult, right? My blog's URL was blocked by Facebook, so I couldn't post content on my Facebook page / groups, and because of that, of course the number of website visitors decreased drastically. I haven't even posted frequently here during the summer, because of it. After a couple of months with the help of my followers (who reported this issue on Facebook - thank you!), and a conversation with the Facebook Help team, I was able to "get back the control", and the site revived! That was the point where I decided I'll continue publishing posts here.

The good side of this unfortunate event was that until I haven't published anything on this blog, I wrote four Mecabricks tutorials for Brickset, which became pretty popular!


I'd like to wish everyone a happy 2021, and I hope I'll be able to deliver quality articles here on BrickJonas Blog. I'm already working on the next review, which will be (drumroll)… a modular building review! Can you guess which one? ;)