I'm sure most adult fans of LEGO have heard about websites like Brickshelf and MOCPages, but unfortunately these are pretty outdated ones (and I believe MOCPages isn't even online since a couple of months), so LEGO builders started to share their creations on regular social media sites lately, like Instagram, Facebook groups, Flickr, and Twitter. There's only one problem with it: everyone will share their creation in a couple of different sites, and some creations might also get lost, because of course these sites aren't about LEGO. So, what's the solution? - Blockheads!

Blockheads is basically an image sharing platform for LEGO builders, or as you can read on their website, a community for LEGO builders to create together and share their work with the world. I think this is a really nice initiative, so let's see what can we do on this platform.

First of all, as you can see, you can browse the creations on the home page even without an account, but if you'd like to use all features on it, you'll of course need to create a profile. Fortunately, that's really easy. You'll need to provide a username (and your name, but it can be the same as your username), your email, and of course a password, that's it. Now you have a profile. You can follow fellow builders, like their creations, and also upload your own creations! If you navigate to your profile settings, you can provide additional information about yourself, like a short bio and links to your social media profiles. You can even set up a custom "Share Images" if you upload more than 3 creations (I believe it's a preview card which you can see when you share a link to your Blockheads profile on social media sites like Facebook and Twitter).

Uploading a MOC is pretty simple and straightforward too. You'll need a name and a description for it, upload up to 5 photos of it, and you can also provide up to 10 tags. It's also interesting that you can turn off comments, though I don't know if I'd use that ever:

Blockheads - Upload

After uploading your creation, it will be visible to other members. Here is a screenshot of the creation page:

Blockheads - Creation page

I love the fact that you can see a lot of information on this page, like builder info, creation name, description, tags, share buttons, comments, but the actual photos are still in the focus - you can see them in a nice big size on the top of the page!

I think the Blockheads team managed to make a really nice, modern, and intuitive/easy to use site for LEGO builders, and I really hope that I'll see some familiar faces over there! In fact, I already found some of my friends there! ;) Will you join too? What are your thoughts about it? Comment below!