I published an article about the 2020 LEGO House Christmas Celebration a couple of days ago, where I mentioned that they're also organizing two exciting contests, and the winners will be announced during the live event. Well, this event was yesterday night, and of course I must build something for it, so I guess it's time to share my submission with you all!

It was a challenge to stay inside the 8x8 base, especially because I wanted to add many details on the walls. Unfortunately I haven't won anything, but I really enjoyed building my entry, and also managed to experiment with some interesting building techniques in it:

My 8x8 Christmas Vignette

You can actually see my typical Christmas morning on this vignette. I usually get a bigger LEGO set for Christmas, and start building it early morning, sometimes some family members help me too. Can you guess which set is on the table? ;) Feel free to let me know which is your favorite detail on this build!